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  • 06 Aug 2019

Wicklewood Masterclass: a bed for every style

Wicklewood Masterclass: a bed for every style

A bed is, of course, the focal point of a bedroom (the clue’s in the name…). And we love nothing more than a deliciously inviting one, piled high with cushions, draped in quilts, the perfect place to curl up. But how to style your bed?

Whether you prefer classic design, bold and bright pieces, or whimsical prints from global-trotting travels, we have designs for every style. Or why not mix it up - maximalist for summer, more traditional come autumn? Simply flip our double-sided cushions and quilts for a totally new look.

The Wicklewood collection delivers everything you need; the arrangement is your choice...

The Traditionalist

Coordinating colours and timeless designs, the traditionalist is all about forever style. Classic pieces which feel as right now as they will in ten years time. Perfect picks include screen-printed pieces, like our namesake Wicklewood cushions in a variety of colours, or the woven striped Canfield - a modern update on an antique ticking stripe. Choose one statement piece and build a mood from there - see the block printed Ashcombe, or a screen printed quilt. Ikat, Oakleaves and Kemble will all appeal.

Wicklewood's traditional bedding options, beautiful colours paired perfectly with one another to create an elegant traditional setting


Wicklewood's most traditional soft interior furnishings

The Maximalist

The bolder the better is the maximalist’s maxim. An expressive palette merges riotous colour with vibrant print. Dare to try unusual colour combinations (they work, we promise), embrace contrast details, mix vivid prints - more is definitely more. Look to our small medallion - a Peggy Angus screen print, or the striking tones of the Caballo and Palopo cushions, woven in India on the jacquard loom. Furnish a bedside table with a hand-painted vase or one of our colourful inlay trays for a final flourish.

Wicklewood's brightest and boldest maximalist interiors


Wicklewood's brightest and boldest soft interior furnishings

The Bohemian

The ultimate world traveller, the bohemian embraces our nomadic philosophy, opting for pieces inspired by a globe-trotting spirit. Swirling motifs and mixed prints are central to the space - from paisley screen prints via the Anoushka to hand-woven jacquards on our oversized oblongs. Alongside the layered prints, our one-of-a-kind carved wooden nandis and hand-painted Peruvian mirrors perfectly compliment this whimsical mood.

Wicklewood's most bohemian interiors, eclectic and hand made these interiors will take you on a story around the world


Wicklewood's most boho and eclectic soft interior furnishings