decorative accents

Bring heritage into your home with our one-of-a-kind decorative accent pieces, handpicked from around the world, from Guatemala to India and beyond. Pluck for quality over quantity with your home accessories and choose from handmade ornaments, hand carved mirrors, ceramic candle holders and more to complete the look. 

Neutral colours can be great as a base, but your accessories allow you to really showcase your personality. The beauty of adding decorative accents is that your look is never truly finished and they allow you to make continual updates depending on your mood or the changing of the seasons. Break out with colour pops and varying textures to create visual interest and impact within your space. 

Hand Carved Mirrors

Our hand carved statement mirrors are both arresting and functional, guaranteed to make your walls the fairest of them all. A well placed accent mirror will not only make the most of the natural light available, but can also create depth and the illusion of more space in hallways and entrance ways. Pair your hand painted mirror with a console table adorned with a vase of your favourite blooms to complete the look. 

Fabric Wall Art

One-of-a kind Indian textiles also known as “yokes”, our hand embroidered fabric wall art pieces are full of character.  These vibrant pieces are hand stitched and showcased behind a perspex frame, adding a truly impactful accent that will be a talking point for years to come. They represent an enchanting alternative to a print and painting, and look fabulous alone or as part of a colourful collection. 

Ceramic Candle Holders

Handmade by skilled ceramicists, our candle holders are then hand painted in a variety of striking designs. Combine multiple shapes and sizes down the centre of a long dining table to punctuate your tabletop, or simply add one of these to a mantlepiece or side table to brighten up your living area night or day. 

Ceramic Decorations

Bright and whimsical ceramic decor is a lovely addition to any room. Our unique, handmade ceramic accents and ornaments make an individual statement or sit beautifully as part of a collection. Unique vases and quirky pitchers are fun, stylish options that can add an artisanal touch to your space. 

Inlay Trays & Boxes

Each of our bone inlay trays and boxes is completely unique and they are the perfect classic keepsake box to store your trinkets, jewellery and coveted accessories. Our inlay boxes are an enduring, classic item that are equally at home on a modern bedside table or a traditional dresser, and are sure to make a delightful heirloom in years to come.   


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