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The Four Design Essentials

Whether you live in a flat on the fourth floor or a house with four floors, we believe that these four simple design statements will bring your home to life.

Our design principles

We design for the modern nomad, and we help you shop that way too.

curated for you

We have carefully curated room sets to make designing and shopping for your home easier. These room sets feature a variety of products in bold designs and colours that work together to spruce up any room.

Made for More

Expect more from your space. Our designs are created to adapt to changes in seasons, mood or moves. Indulge your style whims and turn over our dual-sided print cushions for another unexpected pop of colour, or try flipping over our quilts for a fresh look on your bed.

made to move

Small enough to move easily, but bold enough to make a big impact, all Wicklewood designs are made to move - take them from room to room, or house to house, they're yours to keep from a lease to a lifetime.

Our Promise to you

Made for the modern nomad

Today, more and more people are settling down later, creating an era of modern nomads. With the world as their address, they seek a space that reflects their style and feels like home. So, we’ve crafted a curated collection of décor made to move with you — focusing on design statements that transform simple spaces in an instant.


You might not be ready for interior design industry fees, but you’ve moved beyond the high street. Bridging the gap, Wicklewood gives you access to exclusive fabrics and home accents without the costly markups. Prepare for the power of small design with big impact.

Classics turned contemporary

Design is in our DNA — with a family legacy spanning three generations across the interior design, textile and fashion industries, our matriarchy is our main muse. Wicklewood original designs pay homage to many strong women, including Guatemalan textile collector and lecturer Lilly De Jongh Osborne and the duo behind British fabrics and wallpapers brand Blithfield.

Ethically produced, exquisitely designed

We partner with artisans and entrepreneurs around the world to create unique home designs that harness age-old traditions. Wicklewood’s support of craftswomen promotes ethical labour practices, ensuring our modern, colourful designs respect textile traditions and celebrate local heritage, from Guatemala to India to England.


Like true modern nomads, we have moved from place to place (seventeen different flats in seven different cities over the past nine years). In each new place, we sought to bring our home to life by decorating in our signature style. Frustrated by the lack of fun, affordable design options that change with each season, mood or move, we launched Wicklewood to provide people with an easy, colourful interior design solution.

We design our collection in our studio in London and work with expert artisans around the world who use classic textile techniques to bring our designs to life and the colours of the world to your home.

We hope we can help to find inspiration, experiment with colour and new designs and to make your house a home.



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