The Maximalist

The bolder the better is the maximalist’s maxim. An expressive palette merges riotous colour with vibrant print. Dare to try unusual colour combinations (they work, we promise), embrace contrast details, mix vivid prints - more is definitely more. Let’s face it, minimalism just isn’t quite so interesting.


This no-rules-necessary approach allows you to inject personality into your space, with everything from shabby chic mirrors, intricately handwoven textiles and freshly coloured handpainted vases combined in parallel to create a stunning, unique look. Bold paint colours and wallpaper patterns are just the beginning of a maximalist home, don’t be afraid to juxtapose materials, styles and eras in order to create your one-off design scheme. 


Colourful Cushions - Mola Sasa x Wicklewood - Yokes

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