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  • 17 Jun 2019

Unusual colour combinations... that work!

Unusual colour combinations... that work!

Wanted: fresh colour mixes that work… We’ve been on the hunt for colour palettes that break the mould. Here are our top three tried-and-tested unusual combinations. Forget clashing, these unexpected mixes may be experimental, but they’re guaranteed to add extra oomph to your interior.

1. Blue + Orange

If you want to make a statement, the vibrant mix of orange and blue is made for you. These two colours - opposite on the colour wheel - create a great match that will help revitalise any room with a light and bright, easy breezy air. 

Unusual colour combinations that work - blue and orange. Bright bold colours that sit perfectly alongside each other in your home
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2. Pink + Green

Don't listen to the haters, the pink/green combo is as powerful as it is effective. The daring duo also sits very well with other palettes - like yellow. Throw some in for a truly retro look and feel. 

Unusual colour combinations that actually work in your home including pink and green, an unlikely but perfect match
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 3. Yellow + Pink

Recognised by some as the colours of a candy shop, this palette can be initially viewed, by some, as a little too sweet!  But if you opt for more luxurious and rich hues, you'll create a warm and inviting atmosphere that's irresistible. 

Discovering unusual colour combinations that work when redecorating your home, like yellow and pink
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