Jacquard Woven Cushions

These are the boldest of all our cushions and make an excellent focal point for a theme or look. Jacquard is a style of figure weaving created on a jacquard loom, which creates a weave pattern that blends the ratio of under and over threads, meaning that fabrics with interesting textures and patterns can be created. Materials with interesting patterns can be created by using a range of coloured threads and hand selecting which threads appear at the top of the design at certain points in the same way. 

Jacquard weaving uses pre-conceived weave patterns and multiple coloured threads at once to come together in forming a visually impactful, delicate, intricate design with subtle texture and a tapestry-like finish. When compared with more simple weaving methods, the jacquard method of weaving means that elaborately patterned designs can be created with simplicity and pace, making it perfect for our cushions. Choose your favourite and style out from there. 


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