Handwoven Rugs

Our distinct handwoven rugs for your home allow you to make a statement on the blank canvas of your floor. Design your entire room around a flatweave rug with a bold motif or offset bright colours with a neutral rug with a hand knotted fringe. Our accent and area rugs come in a variety of standout contemporary designs. 

A well chosen statement rug can pull together all of the essential elements of your space and turn them into a snug, cosy room. Your choice of rug should support your overall design scheme, and can be a great way to break up larger spaces by creating boundaries for dedicated areas. A handmade area rug allows you to add texture to clean lines while delivering a real personal feel. 

Entrance halls are the perfect place to inject some pattern and texture with a stylish patterned rug, since you and your guests will constantly be moving through it. In a plainly tiled entrance way, you can use a bold print rug to add interest and brighten up the space for your visitors. 

Cushion Sets - Block Printed Quilts 

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