Baskets & Boxes

Wickewood’s range of baskets and boxes are perfect for storing trinkets, artfully hiding clutter in a stylish way, and tidying away items that you simply can’t bear to chuck out or rehome. Our baskets are handmade in the artisan centre of northern Ghana, carefully crafted with gathered herbs - ‘elephant grass’ or ‘veta vera’. These strong, durable natural fibres are boiled with natural dyes to create the colours, and woven into the distinctive bolga shape to provide a design item that is more than just a storage piece.

When it comes to boxes, you will be hard pushed to find anything as our bone inlay trays - so ornate, dainty and functional, designed to last a lifetime and become a family heirloom for decades to come. These bone inlays are meticulously handcrafted in India in bright colours, making them the perfect dresser accent to store jewellery or keepsakes. Our bone inlay boxes make a perfect gift for friends, family or indeed yourself. 


Aptware - Ceramics - Decorative Accents

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