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  • 09 Jul 2019

Fabric Focus

Fabric Focus

Vibrant colour and beautiful pattern are at the heart of Wicklewood. In tandem with our big sister, Blithfield, we are committed to bringing a perfect palette of prints into your home. Working with artisan partners from Mexico to Mumbai, we design all of our prints and patterns and craft them into an ever-expanding collection of cushions, guaranteed to bring life to your space.

We use a variety of techniques to create patterns for you to adorn your home. Allow us to introduce them...

Wicklewood Guatemala brightly coloured and ethnic jaspe ikat cushions
SHOP NOW: Muñecas, Laguna, Maya oversized oblong, Antigua Stripe oversized oblong


Born in Guatemala and sometime known as ikat, jaspe creates the iconic dashed patterns via a complex multi-step process. The key to jaspe is tie-dying the yarn before weaving - patterning begins before the fabric even takes shape.

Styling snippet: Less is more when it comes to jaspe - select a piece which coordinates with your overall mood and style with other prints, or use a single jaspe to finish a cosy armchair.

Wicklewood brightly coloured woven cushions with intricate motifs
SHOP NOW: Nahuala, Tree of Life, Palopo


Spot an intricate, all-over pattern? Chances are it’s a jacquard. Originating in the early 1800s, combined weaves allow almost any pattern to be created on one side of the cloth. The other carries the ‘floats’, hidden within your cushion...

Styling snippet: These are the boldest of all our cushions and make an excellent focal point for a theme or look. Choose your favourite and style out from there.

Wicklewood brightly coloured patterned square and oblong cushions in blue and green
SHOP NOW: Kirby in azure, Ashcombe, Kirby in forest, Small Medallion, Osborne, Oakleaves

Screen printing

A favourite Blithfield technique, a stencilled screen allows bold linear and geometric designs to be transferred directly onto cloth. Often printed in a single colour, the pattern is created via negative space - the ink takes wherever there are gaps in the stencil.

Styling snippet: Screen printed designs are perfect for finishing a look, bringing colours and prints together beautifully. Plus, they make the perfect statement styled together.

Head to our cushion collection to style your own stack, or for an instant look or mood, why not browse our new cushion sets. These trios are pre-styled by our expert team to ensure every print pairs perfectly and every colour is just so. Discover them here…

Wicklewood summer cushion sets - making interior design easy with our pre-styled sets of cushions
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