wicklewood house guest louise roe

House Guest: Louise Roe

‘I always wanted to be the editor of a magazine,’ says Louise Roe, ‘I studied English Literature at university and then went to work at glossy mags; Elle, In Style and Vogue.com’. TV followed - ‘that was certainly not planned!’ she says, ‘somehow I ended up living in LA hosting a TV show’. The British-born personality has recently returned to the UK with her husband and daughter, after over a decade in California.

As anyone who follows her Instagram will know, charismatic Roe is the consummate juggler, expertly managing multiple hats - TV presenter, model, journalist, author, blogger, mother - ‘I think it’s important to accept you can never keep everything balanced’ she says with her customary down-to-earth wisdom.

wicklewood house guest louise roe

Big on interiors and antiques, Roe’s return to the UK has sparked her newly launched @LouiseRoeHome Instagram account - a place for the tastemaker to share inspiration, as well as chart the renovation of the Georgian house she plans to make a home. We’ll be watching avidly. We caught up with Louise just after her move to chat inspiration, design, and the difference between British and LA style…


WW: Can you briefly describe your path so far?

LR: I always wanted to be the editor of a magazine. My dad is a journalist and I was so inspired watching him craft these interesting articles as a little girl. Somehow I ended up living in LA hosting a TV show - I kept visiting to cover the Oscars and had a few meetings on the side, which lead to a big pitch at a network for a show called Plain Jane - it went on to run for five years on MTV.


 Louise Roe favourite Wicklewood pieces: Kirby cushion and south african vase


Kirby cushion and Dot Stripe Vase

WW: You do so many different things - how do you balance all your hats?

LR: I think it’s important to accept you can never keep everything balanced - but just do your best - this really helped me calm down a bit. The David Sedaris Four Burners theory is really worth googling, that was a penny-drop moment for me. And prioritising family over anything else, without exception. 

WW: What kind of interiors will you be going for in your new house?

LR: My @LouiseRoeHome feed gives a good indication of my taste and plans for the house. I’ve longed to live in a Georgian home, I love the symmetry of the architecture from that period. We will be restoring the property back to its roots and keeping the decor very traditional, which, as it happens, still meant the use of bright colours back then... In LA, the climate and feel of the house was totally different, and I strongly feel you need to be lead by the bones of a property; LA was very neutral, clean lines. England will be cosier, for those rainy days, full of more print and brighter colour, and lots of antique, warm wood.

Louise Roe home styled with wicklewood pieces and blithfield fabrics


Dash Fan Vase, Triangle Bowl and Anoushka fabric by Blithfield

WW: What inspires you?

LR: Veere Grenney, Ben Pentreath, Rita Konig, Anna Spiro, CLJ Home, you guys, of course! I’m the biggest planner - the decorators were laughing at me when I said I already had the wallpaper and paints, before we even officially had the house. I enjoy the process; finding the perfect antique desk in a little old village, is my favourite thing.

WW: What is your most precious interiors possession and what is the story behind it?

LR: Ooh that’s hard! It has to be a beautiful hand-painted jug, passed down by my Granny, from when my grandparents lived in Argentina. It will take pride of place in our new drawing room.

Louise Roe Home with Wicklewood cushions


Right: Light blue Oakleaves, Green and Blue Tree of Life, Pink PalopoLeft: Orange Kirby, Yellow Oakleaves and Blue Oversized Jaspe Oblong 

WW: And finally, which 3 or 4 Wicklewood cushions would you style together?

I am obsessed with the scalloped edges, so ideally a blue scalloped cushion next to a mustard one, I love that combination - and then the Caballo print with the  horse and rider to give a real contrast.

Louise Roe's favourite Wicklewood cushions


Blue Oversized Jaspe Oblong, Mustard Osborne and Multi Caballo

On her blog, Louise Roe has also cherry-picked Wicklewood as a favourite to add patttern and colour to her home. Read the article here.
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