4 seasonal updates for your home

Four easy seasonal updates for your home

After a glorious Summer in the sunshine, we are ready to cosy up indoors and enjoy the simple pleasure of being at home. While you might think that it's only your wardrobe which needs an update, it's likely that your home might just need the same. These four simple seasonal changes will help you to embrace the new season and hygge like a pro...

(1) Scented Candles - We often pair certain perfumes with situations and moods so why not do the same with candles and diffusers? Woody, spiced and muskier scents, like this Cire Trudon Byron Scented Candle from Bonadea, are our favourites for Fall.

Cire Trudon Byron Scented Candle
 Cire Trudon Byron Scented Candle, Bonadea

(2)  Pattern and texture - Whether in cushions, rugs or throws, pattern and texture will easily help you to add warmth and cosiness to your home. 

Wicklewood Cushion, rugs and throws - giving you home pattern and texture
Wicklewood Circles rug, Osborne cushions, Palopo throw and Tree of Life throw.

(3)  Flowers - Using late  summer flowers in rich colours like aubergine, fuchsias and lots of greenery. Find autumnal species, like this wild 'American Honey' bouquet with dahlias, eupatorium and mini gladioli from That Flower Shop. 

That Flower Shop - Shoreditch - American Honey bouquet
 American Honey wild arrangement by That Flower Shop

 (4) Decorative Accents (beyond the pumpkin) - There are so many understated ways to welcome the new season: feathers, golden details or handcrafted wooden pieces that you can add on your coffee table, shelves or mantlepiece.

Wicklewood Decorative accents pieces - bone and wood inlay Indian boxes
Wicklewood Bone & Wood Indian Inlay boxes
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