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Rococo Davis - Interior Designer

Up and coming British interior Designer Rococo Davis is known in the industry for hunting out hidden treasures at antique fairs as well as for her love of colour. We stopped off to admire her drool-worth living room and chatted to her about her best finds and and daily (interior) mantras. 

WW: You’re known for going that extra mile to find the perfect piece. Is this what keeps you engaged and in love with interiors? .

R: Absolutely! To find the right home for a particular object is incredibly satisfying -  it might look completely wrong in one setting, but naturally made for another and this is what makes a home unique. That’s why I look in the not so obvious places for my clients, but even in the obvious places I am always surprised how many people pass over something because they don’t see its potential. I really enjoy solving a creative problem and finding a piece or a look that they might not have expected. What I also try and get across is that it doesn’t have to be eye wateringly expensive to make it special, just so long as you love it. Nearly my entire sitting room is made up of my finds and treasures which really shows personality and character.

Wicklewood Blog - Rococo Davis Interior Designer Interview

WW: What is the best piece you have ever found? Where was it and why was it such a find?

R: This is always a tricky question to answer! There is one piece which was easily my best ‘financial find’ -  a painting covered in dust and dirt at a country jumble sale which I sensed might be special and when I sold it at auction was proved right. But the other ‘find’ that stands out - because I instantly fell for it when I saw it at an antiques fair -  is a 1960s brass Italian pendant. What makes it even more special is that I was heavily pregnant at the time and having trekked to the country on one the hottest days of the year, it is a trip that is etched in my memory. Lucky it was worth it! I love things which have unique shapes and I especially love how it looks against the Robert Kime ‘Starburst’ wallpaper.

Wicklewood Blog - Rococo David - Interior Designer Interview

WW: What’s the most unusual project you have worked on?

R: I think my home is the most unusual because it has been 4 years of gradual work and dealt with in a very different way to how I would assist anyone else. Ask me again in 10 years time!

WW: Do you live by any interior rules or mantras? If so what are they and when do they come in handy?

R: I really love the following quote by the arts and crafts maestro William Morris: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” We all have a tendency to keep things for the sake of it –  so I urge my clients (and myself!) to remove any unwanted clutter they don't use or like. All in all it's about considering what you have, what you want and how it will all fit together. You can layer and mix everything, so long as you love it.

WW: And finally, if you could have (another) one Wicklewood piece in your home right now which one would you choose and why? 

R: Well as you know I LOVE my Wicklewood fan vase. Its shape beats all the rest in my rapidly increasing vase collection! I’m also a huge fan of Blithfield fabrics so this is tricky, but for me it would have to be your ‘Mali Kahala’ quilt in Indigo. I love working with blues and there is something so luxurious about a bed spread. Your Saltaire Rug would be a very close runner up!

Wicklewood Blog - Rococo Davis Interior Designer Interview

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