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  • 08 Mar 2019

The Women Behind Wicklewood

The Women Behind Wicklewood

Since launching Wicklewood in November 2017, we've witnessed the impact women have had on our company. From inspiring our designs to making the products, we wouldn't be where we are today without them. So, this week, to celebrate International Women's Day, we look at the women behind the brand. The women who have each helped shape Wicklewood into the brand you know today. 

Liz Downing and Anne Dubbs

Founders of Blithfield, fabric and wallpaper company

Our sister company, Blithfield, is a constant source of inspiration to us and, it's founders, Liz Downing and Anne Dubbs, are a continuous source of advice. Liz and Anne started their fabric and wallpaper journey more than 20 years ago when they launched Blithfield together. From them we've learnt about the power of designs that stand the test of time, watching as they have released collection upon collection of beautiful fabrics and wallpapers that are used by designers all over the world. 

Liz Downing and Anne Dubbs are the founders of our sister company Blithfield, a fabric and wallpaper company founded 22 years ago

Lilly de Jongh Osborne

Great-great-grandmother of Wicklewood Founder, Caroline

Lilly de Jongh Osborne (1883-1975), the great-great-grandmother of Caroline Downing Nadel, was a prolific collector of textiles and crafts from Central America in the 1930s. Her textile collection - one of the biggest in the world - formed the foundations for all of our original designs, including the eponymous Lilly cushion. We love telling Lilly's story and believe it is one of the best ways to keep her remarkable legacy alive. (Read more about Lilly on a recent post here.)

Lilly de Jongh Osborne extensive Guatemalan textile collection has inspired many of our designs

Guatemalan Craftswomen                                                                        

Our Artisan Partners

A large part of what we do is about supporting and upholding traditional textile techniques that have been passed down over centuries. These incredible skills are being lost at a rapid rate. One of the ways we help keep these skill sets alive is investing in a women’s cooperative in Guatemala, who weave all our ikat designs on back strap and handheld looms. Since our launch, we have worked with these skilled women who make our designs into a colourful reality.