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  • 26 Mar 2018

The Who, What & Why of Wicklewood

The Who, What & Why of Wicklewood


The Who

Wicklewood launched in November 2017 founded by Caroline Downing Nadel, a perpetual renter, lover of colour, and design aficionado. She grew up surrounded by entrepreneurship, strong women and beautiful interiors thanks to her mum’s design company, Blithfield and Company and was inspired to start Wicklewood when she returned to London after living for 9 years in the states and moved into yet another rental flat.

In June 2017, just before launch, as luck would have it, Caroline’s best friend, Rosie Axford, came on board the Wicklewood team. Upon moving to Los Angeles from London, she embraced her new life of green juice, sun and sand but missed the comforts of her London home. Renting for the first time, she found herself at a loss of where to buy unique product and joined forces with Caroline and Wicklewood to help solve her and hopefully many other people’s design dilemma.


The What

Built around four design essentials, Wicklewood makes bold rugs, cushions, quilts and throws that will transform your home with colourful artisanal designs

For the indecisive or first-time designers out there, we have created a variety of bold room sets in complimentary colours and designs that will spruce up any room. With an area rug anchoring each collection, we add in cushions and throws to create bright and beautiful schemes to liven up any room.


The Why

We started Wicklewood to make design easy. Nowadays, more and more people are settling down later, creating an era of modern nomads. With the world as their address, and rental flats readily available, people are seeking a space that reflects their style and feels like home. So, we’ve crafted a curated collection of décor made to move with you — focusing on design statements that transform simple spaces in an instant.

Inspired by personal travels, Blithfield archives and the extensive Guatemalan textile collection of Caroline’s great great grandmother, Lilly De Jongh Osborne the inaugural Wicklewood designs incorporate different textures, colours and motifs from around the world and using traditional techniques and artisanal skills, reimagines them into beautiful home décor to bring the colours of the world to your home.

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