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  • 04 Dec 2020

The 'At Home' Collection : Felicity Buchanan

The 'At Home' Collection : Felicity Buchanan

Our At Home collection is our initiative to support, and give a platform to, British artistic and creative talent, a sector which, like many others, has been severely impacted by the pandemic. From an incredible number of wonderful submissions, we narrowed it down to two. And this week, we are delighted to introduce the second artist in our At Home Collection, Felicity Buchanan and her illustrations.

Felicity’s beautiful, whimsical, dreamlike illustrations seemed like the perfect escapism for tough times, so we were delighted to be able to work with her on an exclusive collection. Here, she tells us more…

Wicklewood House Guest interview with Felicity Buchanan - painter and illustrator

Where did it all start?

‘Born in South Africa to a Swedish mother and English father, we embraced a South African way of life, but my parents' traditions and heritage always had a strong influence on me. Moving to the UK, I landed my dream job working for Robert Kime, then began creating my own watercolour designs and patterns.’ 

What inspires you?

‘I’ve always had a passion for pattern, colour, interiors and objets d'art - I satisfy my inherent need to create and design by filling endless books with patterns. I take inspiration from the Hampshire countryside, the flora and fauna around me, my childhood and travels around the world.’

How has this year affected you?

‘This year has been tough for everyone - juggling work, homeschooling, family life has been challenging. But it has also opened so many doors, and I’m truly grateful for all the wonderful opportunities it has brought - this exciting collaboration with Wicklewood for one!’

Wicklewood House Guest interview with Felicity Buchanan - painter and illustrator

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