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  • 19 Mar 2019

Spring Clean Like A Pro

Spring Clean Like A Pro

Spring is officially upon us and so, therefore, is the inevitable – spring cleaning! Let’s face it, like most humans, we don’t love cleaning but we can’t deny we do love the sweet release of endorphins once the job is done. So, here is our essential guide to spring cleaning like a pro.

Plan Ahead

Before you start turning your home upside down, take a few minutes to plan. Do you have the right cleaning products and appliances? Do you need to purchase anything to help the organisation process run more smoothly? Does anything need to be professionally cleaned? Don’t faff, focus your energy on a single chore. A good playlist or podcast is a must to keep yourself entertained whilst you dust the day away.  

When thinking of Spring Cleaning planning is key. Sit down a few days before to write down all the things you need to do or buy.
When sitting down to plan your to-do list, a comfy chair (and colourful cushions) are a must.


Before you clean, you need to declutter. Get rid of things that you don’t use or don’t need anymore. This will free up space in your home and your head. Worried you’ll regret chucking something? Pop it in a suitcase and if you haven’t thought about it in 3 months, throw it away or give it to your local charity shop, if it's still in good condition. Remember, don’t just focus on your wardrobe, make sure your kitchen cabinets and bookshelves get some much needed attention too.

Wicklewood top tip: Our cushions and quilts each come in a hand block printed dust bag. From shoes to bikinis to electronics – these stylish storage bags will help you free up wardrobe space and get organised quickly.

 Wicklewood cushions come in a luxurious block printed dust bag, perfect to store clothes and to organise your suitcase
All our cushions and quilts come with a custom hand block printed dust bag.

Room by Room

Sometimes even just the thought of all that mopping and sweeping can feel overwhelming. Organise your time by room and each room by zones or areas: floors, soft furnishings, forgotten corners...This will help you to be more productive and prevent you giving up and leaving certain areas untouched. 

Our new small medallion and kirby cushions are perfect to style your bed and sofa

Reward your home (and yourself)

Once all the decluttering, tidying and deep cleaning is complete, don’t forget to reward all your hard work with a few treats for your home. A new plant or fresh flowers (in a pretty vase like this) are a great way to welcome the new season indoors.

 Nothing like fresh flowers after you finish you Spring cleaning
Our handcrafted vases are a perfect way to cheer up a room - with or without flowers!