Serena Hood's edit of The Revolving Room at Wicklewood's pop up shop.

The Revolving Room: Serena Hood

Read our quick fire Q&A with Serena Hood, former Executive Fashion Editor of Vogue and now contributing Style Editor of Tatler, as we chat to her whilst she styled The Revolving Room at our Winter pop up shop. We find out why she opted for her cosy, but bright, blue and yellow scheme and what advice she has for anyone trying to mix luxury interiors with children.  

When it comes to decorating, how would you define your style?

I love print so I usually start with one I’ve found to “lead” the style of the room and then go from there. 

What was the starting point when designing the Revolving room?

I started with the wallpaper - I wanted something bright and uplifting and so this one felt like the perfect choice. 

Does the way you dress translate into the way you decorate?

Absolutely.  When it comes to shopping I’ll always pick a beautiful printed dress over say a black winter coat (even though I’d probably get much more use out of the coat)! Having said that when you buy what you love you never grow tired of it and I feel that’s particularly important when decorating your home. 

Is it possible to have a child-friendly home while keeping it chic?

The only piece of furniture we’ve had to store away is a glass coffee table for obvious reasons. If you’re going to use expensive fabrics I would suggest them for blinds and curtains rather than upholstery on sofas and chairs. This way you don’t have to worry when you’re children are climbing on top of them. 

If you have to choose a favourite Wicklewood product/cushion, which one would it be?

That’s a hard one as I really love everything, but probably my favourites would be a set of the Osborne cushions and one of the gorgeous Peruvian mirrors. 

A special thank you to The Revolving Room partners, including, Blithfield, Arlo & Jacob, Pooky, Partnership Editions and Chelsea Textiles

Serena Hood's edit of her favourite pieces of Wicklewood, Arlo and Jacob, Blithfield, Pooky Lighting and Chelsea Textiles at Wicklewood winter pop up shop
Come and see Serena's edit at The Winter Shop & Revolving Room until Wednesday November 21st. 
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