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  • 08 Jun 2020

House Guest: Petra Palumbo

House Guest: Petra Palumbo

Petra Palumbo founded her eponymous brand to create the sustainable, high-quality  homewares she forever found herself hunting for. Her signature? Beautiful, patterned designs with an environmental conscience.

We chatted to Petra about sustainability (of course), inspirations and her favourite room at home.

WW: What inspires your products?

PP: I often design products that I can’t seem to source myself. I am inspired by our need, more than ever, to create consciously - I want my products to be attractive and sustainable. I consider sustainability at every stage of the design process - from where it’s made, how it’s made and who makes, to the materials and the impact it will have on the environment if it breaks or is thrown away.

Petra Palumbo handpainted carafe

WW: How would you describe your interiors style?

PP: Eclectic, colourful, layered and comfortable. I love mixing styles, cultures, eras and prints.

Petra Palumbo home style

WW: Sustainability is the DNA of your brand, which are the first steps anyone should follow in order to be more environmentally conscious?

PP: It’s important to be realistic and refine an area of your life one step at a time, for example, if your morning ritual is to grab a tea or a coffee on your way to work then buying a reusable keep cup and using that everyday is a great place to start. The same applies to reusable water bottles. Wisdom says you have to do something seven times before it becomes second nature. Making the decision to buy less but at a higher quality, mending clothes rather than throwing them away, eating less meat... Committing to one thing at a time, changing old habits and trying to be a more conscious consumer is key.

Petra Palumbo's sustainable homewares brand

WW: You have recently collaborated with Christie's styling tables for their Fine Dining sale, what are your top tips for creating fun yet polished settings?

PP: I think the small touches make all the difference and surrounding yourself with objects and trinkets that mean something to you often lead to unique and enriching settings and have the ability to make more formal settings feel relaxed.

table setting styled by Petra Palumbo for Christies fine dining sale

WW: What’s the favourite room in your house and why?

PP: Probably my snug because it’s very layered in terms of textures and prints and has a wonderful cosy feel to it, it makes me want to sink into the sofa and watch TV or read a book with the fire on under a tartan rug. I instantly feel cocooned when I’m in it.

Petra Palumbo's home in Scotland - Wicklewood blog House Guest


WW: Finally, which Wicklewood cushions would you style together?

 Petra Palumbo's favourite Wicklewood cushions

 Shop Petra's favourite cushion combo:

Linwood, Nahuala and Canfield Stripe

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