‘Do it your way,’ says Megan Robson, the creative behind the beautifully curated Kit & Co. Megan’s unique interiors style is Wicklewood catnip, seamlessly blending colour and print, somehow managing to make each space cosy yet elegant, beautifully curated and still homely and welcoming. And with 40k followers and counting, we aren’t the only ones to fall for her aesthetic. Megan and her family moved from their Georgian home in Edinburgh to East Lothian, on the coast, during lockdown, and Megan set about applying her colourful and eclectic interiors style to the new beachside project – ‘that invigorating sea air and mist on your face is so good for the soul,’ she says.

Juggling motherhood, a renovation and the management of her account, Megan is a busy woman, but we managed to grab her for a five minute sit down on our virtual sofa to talk colour, interiors and creating a home...

WW: Where’s home? 

M: We moved to East Lothian from Edinburgh to be by the sea – beach life couldn't be more perfect! 


WW: What sparked the interiors love affair? 

M: I’ve always loved colour and pattern and the joy mixing them brings to your home. Our first family home was a magnificent Grade A listed Georgian property in the New Town of Edinburgh. A complete reno job, rewire, plumbing, the works! We probably bit off more than we could chew, but bringing the property back to life was such a joy.  

megan hobson kit and co wicklewood

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WW: Describe your interior style? 

M: A joyful and eclectic mix of colour and pattern!


WW: What inspires your interiors? 

M: Rita Konig is such an inspirational designer. I love her bold moves and the way she trusts her taste.

megan robson kit and co

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WW: What’s your colour philosophy? 

M: Always do it your way. Whatever makes you feel that joy! And don't be frightened to experiment. I love pinks and blues and yellow and greens combined.


WW: Three top interiors tips? 

M: 1 Do it your way. 

2 Layer and mix patterns. 

3 Be bold, not beige.


mega robson kit and co home
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WW: Most precious interiors possession? 

M: A very large French Confit Pot from the early 1800s. It has all the rustic charm you would expect and I love to style it with a huge bunch of zesty green viburnum - it makes me happy.


WW: Favourite room in your house? 

M: Without doubt the children's playroom. I chose Molly Mahon's dreamy 'Strawberry' wallpaper which oozes nostalgia and British charm, paired with Edward Bulmer’s 'Invisible Green' on the woodwork, which is a beautiful grass green. It's such a playful room, we all love spending time in it as a family.

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