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  • 30 Jul 2019
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House Guest: Lucy Cuneo

House Guest: Lucy Cuneo

‘I’m so lucky to have grown up in a family with four generations of decorators and collectors’, says Lucy Cuneo - aesthetics are in the notable photographer’s blood, along with entertaining - ‘my grandmother was the ultimate entertainer with a touch of magic which kept her guests singing by the piano until the wee hours.’ After an itinerant childhood - Washington D.C., London, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City - she is now based in Charleston, South Carolina with her family.

Lucy launched her wedding photography business after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design. The following year she met her husband Will and the duo have been working together ever since. Of photography, she says, ‘authentic emotions deliver the best photo - I do try to match colours and pick clean backgrounds, but emotion will make even the messiest photo, every time’

The duo launched their lifestyle site in 2017, combining Lucy’s honed photographer’s eye with Will’s craftsman skills, inviting avid followers into their beautiful world and documenting the transformation of their Charleston home. We met Lucy to quiz her on creativity, inspiration and how to entertain, effortlessly...

Wicklewood offers a unique selection of handcrafted ceramics and hand block printed tablecloths perfect for Summer entertaining

 Image taken by Lucy Cuneo including Wicklewood pieces

Handwoven Guatemalan placemats, hand thrown South African bowlsOakleaves cushions and Zig Zag hand block printed tablecloth

WW: Have you always been creative?

LC: No matter where we were - France, England, the US - every childhood summer was spent rearranging furniture for fun. My father has two children with my stepmother - one of my best friends; my sister is 13 years younger than me and I was happily put in charge of throwing her birthday parties. Each summer her celebrations became more extravagant and by the time I was 16 I was running a children’s birthday party business, setting fantastical and elaborate tables. This love has never extinguished and as I grew more confident, I tiptoed into decorating other areas of the house. It’s a love that continues to evolve and grow.

Table setting by Lucy Cuneo using Wicklewood tablecloths, placemats and ceramics

 Image taken by Lucy Cuneo including Wicklewood pieces

Floral hand block printed tablecloth and handwoven Guatemalan placemats

WW: How would you describe your interiors style?

LC: I love colour and pattern - a more is more enthusiast. I’m influenced by the English and French houses I grew up in and I love African pieces and lots of print. I prefer an undone feel to a room that is tightly buttoned up - it’s important to me to be surrounded by approachable, comfortable beauty. I create cosy sanctuaries; plush cushions, layers, textures, delicious scents. I’m still learning so much, right now I’m inspired by Isabel Lopez Quesada’s interiors - my aunt introduced me to her - and wishing that I had a home with more character to decorate…

Lucy Cuneo's home featuring Wicklewood oakleaves cushions and Indian tablecloths

 Image taken by Lucy Cuneo including Wicklewood pieces

Oakleaves cushionsZig Zag hand block printed tableclotand Floral hand block printed tablecloth

WW: How does your photography inform your style?

LC: It’s totally changed my eye. I’m trained in the classic photojournalist school - touch nothing and observe, but I’ve evolved into a photographer who styles everything or sets up a scene to let it unfold in a controlled setting. Photography has certainly informed my design eye; they’ve grown in tandem.

WW: What are your top tips for making a space ready for guests?

LC: I love candlelight, it’s the simplest way to make a setting inviting, romantic and magical. Lovely smells help too. Arranging the table is my favourite way of showing our guests that we’re so excited that they’ve come, setting it up for optimal conversation; it’s key to ensure we’re all squished in and the flowers aren’t too tall...

Breakfast in style with Lucy Cuneo featuring Wicklewood Guatemalan placemats, Indian tablecloths and hand made ceramics

Image taken by Lucy Cuneo including Wicklewood pieces

Oakleaves cushion in blueZig Zag tableclothGuatemalan placematsSouth African bowls and Floral tablecloth

WW: Tell us about your home?

LC: Growing up predominantly in LA and NYC, living in the south is a departure from the familiar. Charleston is beautiful, a design and food focused city on the sea, which I love, with balmy winters and a creative community. We’ve lived there since 2014 - at first we lived downtown in a classic row house, we’d spill out each evening after work for a walk on the harbour. Now, with a family, we’ve moved up the peninsula to a more residential area with larger houses and gardens.

Our home is a work in progress. For the first two years, with a demanding wedding schedule, we were hardly there. The first summer we came back to it after six weeks working in Europe, I cried at how sparse and neglected it felt. Since then we’ve been slowly redoing one room at a time. Will, my husband, is an expert craftsman, so we take on a lot of projects ourselves, from making Roman shades to laying a stair runner - it’s been fun.

WW: What inspires you?

LC: I scour markets and antique stores and I try to find small authentic brands which I love. Instagram is an amazing resource to discover new collectors and vendors and I learn a lot through my family and friends. I follow the mood of the house or room, but similar to setting up a photo shoot, inspiration for a space typically comes from one item that I want to centre the room around - a fabric, painting, or colour palette.

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