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  • 17 May 2022



‘My love of interiors started when I was laying the table for dinners I would host in a rented flat with friends,’ says Laura Jackson, ‘I really got to understand how surroundings enhance your mood - a simple tablecloth and napkins can really elevate the table.’ The broadcaster and columnist is loved for her warm charisma, and for her exquisite taste - we defy you to discover her home and not immediately set about rethinking your own. ‘When I moved into a flat with my now husband, Jon, it was a chance to take the learnings from dressing a table into styling a rented warehouse,’ she says ‘– and I loved it.’

Between broadcasting, writing and mothering, Laura is the creator of the food and lifestyle brand, Hoste, which hosts delicious supper clubs and has its own cult podcast. And now the fashion and interiors tastemaker has applied her exacting eye to Glassette - a beautifully curated online homeware marketplace which opened late last year. To mark the launch of Wicklewood on Glasette, we pulled up a virtual chair with Laura to ask her our quickfire House Guest questions… 

Where’s home?

In East London with my two kids, husband and whippet. 

Your interior style in three words?

Eclectic, fun, comfortable.

Favourite room in your home?

My bathroom as I love the tadelakt shower.

Top interior tip?

Think practically and functionally.

Laura's kitchen & pattern-filled living room featuring a selection of pieces from Glassette. Jon Gorrigan photography.


Favourite colour combo?

Seagrass and green – as seen in the kitchen.

Most precious possession?

My children .

Maximalist or minimalist?

Both – they live together in my world!

Print or plain?

Both (sorry, again!)

Bright or neutral?


laura and dan glassette co founders

A corner of Laura's East London home and Laura Jackson with Glassette co-founder Daniel Crow.



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