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  • 05 Dec 2018

Hostess Gifts Beyond the Bottle

Hostess Gifts Beyond the Bottle

Picking a hostess gift will, in most cases, have you reaching for a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers, most likely bought at the last minute from the nearest off-license or tube station en route. So, why do we all show up again and again with the same old stuff (or worse, empty-handed)? When, for the same price, give or take a few squid, you can give arrive with something special that you won't only feel proud to hand over, but you know your host will actually use and treasure.

So, put the Gallo down, here is our list of the best hostess gifts, beyond the bottle... 

A Beautiful Ceramic Vase

If you are going to gift flowers, go a bit further and place them in a beautiful vase, like our handmade and hand-painted South African vases. Not only will your host appreciate the beautiful vase, but they will also be grateful for having to scramble to trim stems and find a vase of their own, whilst trying not to burn supper. 

Wicklewood hand made and hand-painted blue and white South African ceramic bowls and vases
Our limited edition of handcrafted ceramics are a lovely addition to any room. Handmade in South Africa and decorated in a variety of striking blue and white patterns, they look great with or without flowers and are bound to brighten up your tabletop.

Handcrafted Placemats

Woven on a backstrap loom in Guatemala, these unique placemats will bring colour and character to any table making it the perfect gift for the friend who loves to entertain.

 Hand-woven Guatemalan brightly coloured placemats
These striped placemats are handmade in Guatemala. Woven on a backstrap loom, these contemporary placemats are created using traditional artisanal weaving techniques. They are the perfect way to add character to your dinner table and to brighten up your daily meals. Placemats will be available to buy in Spring 2019.

Intricate Inlay Trays

Our intricate inlay trays are the perfect way to bring a pop of colour into your host or hostess' home décor. They look great styled on coffee tables or drinks trolleys and come very handy to keep things organised on a bedside table.

 Wicklewood bone and wood, colourful Indian inlay tray
Our intricate handmade inlay tray makes a lovely accent in any room. This one-of-a-kind tray brings heritage to your home and will add character to any room making it the perfect gift to friends and family, or yourself. More inlays will be on our site before Christmas!


Especially when bought last minute a nice bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers can quickly add up, so why not get something that lasts, especially if you know your guest and their home well. A cushion (or a couple of them if you're in the festive spirit!) can be a fantastic gift that your host can treasure for years to come. 

Crafted out of a Blithfield bestselling woven fabric, Kemble, this cushion is both classic and contemporary. Inspired by an ikat dot, it's a versatile double-sided cushion

Crafted out of a Blithfield bestselling woven fabric, Kemble, this cushion  works great in both classic and contemporary homes.