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  • 08 Jun 2021



Introducing the first edition of our colour guide, created in collaboration with eco-friendly paint company, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. Every tin of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is created with entirely natural dyes, each tone embedded in history but designed to deliver an impeccable interior, now - the perfect combination of timeless and modern. To start, we’ve curated our five cult colours - from the softest pink to a vibrant green - and rounded up our expert tips on how to style them in your home. 


Choosing a colour

Confronted with a colour card, it’s easy to feel frozen - how to choose the perfect shade for you? Firstly, and most importantly, opt for a colour you love. Open the card and see which shades you’re drawn to - try to avoid being too influenced by passing trends. Then think about your space - the light, the size, the style. We like to think of wall colour as the base of a canvas - over which you layer the other elements of your scheme.

When planning an interior, we all want to achieve that perfect balance - a space that feels fresh, and will stand the test of time. The key? Select colours that fuse cult with classic. Here, we’ve rounded up five Edward Bulmer shades which deliver just that. Discover Azurite’s deep, iconic blue or Jonquil’s serene charm. Fall for Invisible Green’s rich hue, opt for Malahide’s energetic, exotic orange or succumb to dreamy, creamy Rose - the perfect pink. 


ONE - Start with colours you love and remember a light colour will not make a dark room light.

TWO - Think of your wall colour as a canvas on top of which you will layer in prints, textures, details.

THREE - Always paint radiators the same colour as your walls - they should blend in to the background.



ONE - Let yourself be spoiled for choice, or pick a colour because it’s ‘on trend’.

TOW - Don’t use bleached whites, especially on ceilings - it will make any colour look cold.

Introducing our five cult colours of 2021...

Three things to know

(1) Packed with pigment for depth and strength, without losing warmth.

(2) Iconic since the Middle Ages, this intense pigment was used in classical paintings.

(3) Particularly good for unifying natural materials – wood, fabric, stone.


What to pair it with

ContrastTry it with soft neutral pinks like Jonquil or Cuisse De Nymphe Emue or, for impact, try a bold tone - Dutch Orange would pop perfectly.

TonalWith other layers of blue; Welmish Blew, Sky Blue, or a deep neutral like London Brown.


Cosy - paint everything, including trims, baseboards and doors, for a warm, enveloping feel. Then add dark wood antique furniture.

Airy - trim with fresh neutrals, layer in whites and lights for an uplifting space.

Don’t… think blue is cold, it’s become cold with flat, harsh colouring methods. Natural earth pigments ensure our blues are deep without ever feeling chilly.

Cushion combos

Ikat Colebrook - Palopo - Osborne

Linwood - Tamahu - Original

Three things to know

(1) Named after the daffodil, Narcissus Jonquilla - dutch pinks were made with yellow pigment in the 18th century.

(2) A charming soft plaster pink that perfectly balances timeless with modern.

(3) A soft shade that flutters between warm pink and yellow beige for subtle warmth.


What to pair it with

Contrast - Pink and green are a match made in heaven - try Pamona or Granite Green. Jonquil will also soften darker blues - Indigo or Cerulean Blue.

Tonal - Pair with yellow-based beiges for a neutral scheme. Darker browns and greys channel sophistication. Or keep things pink with Nicaragua or Pompadour.


Welcoming - for halls and entryways, Jonquil is deliciously inviting, especially paired with glass details and antique mirrors. 

Harmonious - the perfect neutral to use throughout your home.

Don’t… just pair it with white!

Cushion Combos

Ikat Colebrook - Palopo - Osborne

Linwood - Tamahu - Original

Three things to know

(1) Inspired by the 19th century technique of painting railing green to disappear into the greenery.

(2) This soft grass green is the perfect way to bring the outside in.

(3) Soft and calm, though bold it won’t eclipse other design elements - art, furniture.


What to pair it with

Contrast - You can’t go wrong with a crisp off white - we love Milk White or Silver White. Or our old favourite, green and pink with Nicaragua or Lavender.

Tonal - Follow nature’s example and go green on green with soft Tea Green or Pea Green, or pair with blue greens like Verdigris or Aquatic.


Maximalists - Let your creative instincts run wild and throw colours into the space. Mix large scale prints with small for a flamboyant eclectic look.

Outside In - Take inspiration from nature and bring botanical prints and rich ochres into the room via your soft furnishings, for an instant sunshine hit.

Don’t… worry about it being ‘too bright’, blended with natural pigments it will never look stark - you’ll always want more...

Cushion combos

Oakleaves – Palopo - Original

Anoushka – Kemble - Caballo

Three things to know

(1) Coloured with rich iron oxide, this energetic tone packs a punch.

(2) Orange tones are having a revival - with distinctly nostalgic notes, Malahide fuses modern with timeless. 

(3) Deep, magnetic, exotic all rolled into one colour.


What to pair it with

Contrast - Pairs beautifully with Drab Green for a chic yet playful country farmhouse look or be bold and brave and team with London Brown to make a real statement.

 Tonal - Keep it fresh, light and bright with Fine White or be a little braver and pair with Jonquil pink for a more peachy scheme.


Enveloping – Envelope with reds and browns for delicious warmth and an enticing, cosy vibe.

Uplifting – Lift it with contrast colours and brighter accents it will lift any space.

Don’t… paint sparingly - if you use it, mean it. You won’t regret it...

Cushion combos

Linwood - Halsey - Tamahu

Palopo - Small Medallion - Mali


Three things to know

(1) The Adams brothers popularised pink in 1770 and it hasn’t gone out of style since.

(2) Rose illustrates that natural pigments can give gentle but brilliantly bright colours.

(3) Tis all in the name - think roses, think summer, think beauty


What to pair it with

Contrast - A good yellow like Ochre or the classic pink and green combination with Light Olive Green, or Verdigris.

Tonal - Perfect with Rose Tinted White for a softer palette, or deeper pinks like Pompadour.



Feminine - Amp up the pink, pairing it with different tones on fabrics and furnishings

Bold - layer in blues and greens for a vibrant, colourful palette.

Don’t… forget to try this colour downstairs as well….

Cushion combos

Linwood - Somerset - Osborne

Circles - Tamahu - Original