Wicklewood is an artisan homewares house, creating collections that are designed in London and brought to life by master craftspeople all over the world. 

Beyond ‘products’, Wicklewood creates ‘modern heritage’ – pieces that pass through the hands of artisans and makers, into your hands, and your home. Designs that celebrate origin and tradition, enhancing our daily lives and encouraging us to revel in a fun and beautiful outlook on life.

    Our Founder

    Caroline grew up surrounded by textiles and design – from the antique fabrics her great grandmother collected in Central America in the early 1900s to the samples she helped her mother cut and send out – interiors were woven into her life from day one. 

    After 10 years in the U.S. She returned to London and launched Wicklewood in 2018, with a capsule range of cushions which now form the backbone of the collection.

    Caroline lives in West London with her husband and her three small children and not-so-small dog. She is usually found running to (or from) her children, wearing colourful clothes, carrying a large water bottle and daydreaming of her next sourcing trip. When entertaining at home, her go-to formula is Ottolenghi from Deliveroo, a Wicklewood adorned table and an eclectic group of friends.

    Our Designs

    In designing Wicklewood’s collection, Caroline follows her curiosity around the world. Collecting patterns and textiles, discovering artisan techniques and searching for original things that tell a story and capture a feeling of joy. In seeking out these narratives, Wicklewood creates and curates special pieces that inspire, and weave delight into the fabric of your life.

    Pieces with personality that celebrate craft, recast tradition and create moments of magic to lift up the everyday -  that’s what Wicklewood is all about.

      ceramic basket bowl green

      Lived in Spaces

      We believe in homes with a story – spaces to live in, not just to look at. 


      The colourful hand woven cushion that brings the sofa to life and lays the perfect foundations for an epic Sunday den. The hand block printed quilt that welcomes you home after a long day at work, then warms your toes on a chilly winter evening. The handblown glassware that celebrates summers of joyful lunches, punctuates slow breakfasts and means five more minutes with your nearest and dearest because you can throw it all in the dishwasher.

      A Sprinkling of Joy

      We are founded on the belief that when the things we surround ourselves with have traceable origins and are made with care and skill, they’re elevated, offering moments of whimsical escape amongst the everyday.

      More than ‘products’, these are treasures that celebrate tradition, kindle stories and bring people together, to revel in a fun and beautiful outlook on life.

        Our Makers

        Nurturing narrative is what makes our hearts sing – the colour, craft, culture, heritage, and pattern that come with original pieces.

        We celebrate those origins, by seeking out and forming partnerships with artisans around the world, then delivering their hand crafted pieces to your home.

        Artisan Techniques

        Women who inspired us

          • Lilly de Jongh Osborne

            Caroline’s great grandmother, Lilly de Jongh Osborne, was a pioneer of Mesoamerican crafts. Living in Costa Rica and Guatemala in the early 1900’s she travelled widely amassing an extensive collection of textiles and artisan made products. She was the first person to document the weaving techniques, natural dyes and motifs implemented by the indigenous populations of Guatemala and became a well-known scholar, lecturer and writer in this field. Her collection is now housed at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology.

          • Blithfield

            Wicklewood was born from Blithfield, a boutique British textile house, known for its beautiful printed textiles and wallpapers founded by Caroline's mother, Liz and Anne Dubbs when Caroline was ten years old.

            Caroline spent many a weekend sticking labels onto sample cuttings, manning the Blithfield stand at trade shows and learning about entrepreneurship, interiors and design from her mother.

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