South African Ceramics

Our best-selling ceramics are crafted in South Africa by a skilled ceramicist that our co-founder Caroline met whilst on honeymoon who we’ve partnered with exclusively ever since. Africa has a legacy of ceramic making spanning thousands of years, and it truly shows with the sheer craft involved in each piece in the Wicklewood range.


Many of our ceramicists now draw as much inspiration from traditional South African designs as they do from contemporary Asian and European decorative design elements, or work in imported clay bodies such as porcelain or bone china. They continuously push the boundaries of their mediums and devise new ways to explore their creativity.


Every single bowl, vase and candleholder is hand-thrown and comes in a variety of different shapes, patterns and sizes. We love clustering them together in odd numbers to really add global charm to your home.  Our handmade and handpainted vases look great with or without flowers and is bound to brighten up your tabletop, adding form and function to any room decor. 


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