Sabbara X Wicklewood

Our inaugural needlepoint collection is designed in partnership with Sabbara. Established in Syria in 2012 in response to the escalating war and its devastating consequences for families all over the country. They work inside and outside of Syria to give economic, psychological, and social support to women and children caught in the conflict.
Each cushion is designed by us, with all patterns paying homage to ancient traditional Syrian designs, and lovingly hand-embroidered by Syrian female artisans. Profits are used to employ more women and continue Sabbara’s work on female empowerment. Its aim is to train women in traditional skills, create a sustainable infrastructure for production, and develop an international market that we at Wicklewood want to support, help, and promote through this collection. 

Andrea Kashanipour X Wicklewood  - Wicklewood X  CSAO - Willemien X Wicklewood

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