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Osborne Rug Beige Multi

5ft X 8ft

This rug features Osborne, a Wicklewood design that mixes diamond motifs in the ground with a strong colourful zig zag. This handwoven flatweave rug incorporates colour into a neutral design so it's able to both tone down a colourful room with its beige shades, or brighten up a neutral room with its jewel tones making it the perfect addition to any room.

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This rug measures 5 feet wide by 8 feet long (152cm by 243cm) and is a flatweave rug handwoven in India.

Flatweave rugs are made using a weaving technique in which the yarn is completely intertwined, so there is not any yarn protuding to create a pile. The warp strands are woven with the weft strands to create the foundation of the rug and the pattern. The texture and design of the rug is dependent on changing colour, size and texture of the weft strands and each rug will vary. The process of weaving flatweave rugs is very time and labour intensive and the end results are colourful intricately designed rugs show the same design on both sides.

This rug is woven from blended New Zealand wool.

Vacuum clean regularly or professional clean in the event of a big spill.

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