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Ceramics & Ornaments

Hand-thrown and hand painted, our ceramics are all one-of-a-kind, created by our artisan partners in South Africa, Italy, Portugal, France and the UK. Each one can be used or displayed as a beautiful decorative accent in your home.  



Our hand painted ceramic plates are created in partnership with our artisan partners globally, designed to let you make a statement or blend in with other fun, tongue-in-cheek Wicklewood designs. We have a wide array of both decorative and functional plates to enchant your guests at every gathering. 



Hand painted ceramic dog bowls, salad bowls and serving bowls are the order of the day here, and you should be sure to nab these one-off designs before they’re snapped up. Each ceramic bowl is part of a limited edition capsule collection and presents the chance to own something truly unique and covetable for years to come.


Hand painted ceramic serving platters and serving dishes from Wicklewood’s artisan partners are sure to create an eye catching table display for your regular mealtime or when entertaining. These conversational pieces aren’t just pretty to look at though, and are designed to be enjoyed and used frequently for a long time.



Ceramic ornaments, candlesticks and candleholders from the Wicklewood range are anything but ordinary. Own and enjoy a modern heirloom that can be hankered after from generation to generation, suiting the most discerning of mantlepieces, carefully curated shelf displays or dining table centrepieces. Our range of ornaments will bring joy, fun and delight into any home look whether kitsch or minimalist as a decor accent. 

Decorative Accents - Aptware - Tabletop and Dinnerware

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