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  • 30 Apr 2018

Why We Love Renting

Why We Love Renting

Renting is on the rise, and we couldn’t be happier. We LOVE renting, it gives you the freedom and flexibility to experience different cities and the neighborhoods within them before settling down longer term. From modern high rises to stucco fronted terraces to mansion blocks and mews houses, each dwelling has its own charm and renting enables us to try them out to see which we like best. And, it provides the opportunity to develop, define and perfect our design aesthetic - if you can make a part-furnished rental look good, then you are probably onto something with regard​ ​to style!

Renting presents a fun challenge. Each new flat is a blank canvas (with perhaps a bit of Ikea furniture scattered around) in which to experiment with design. It redefines the home as a more transient space that can be transformed with the right product. Renting has taught us the value of soft furnishings and unique décor from our travels around the world. These smaller design items are invaluable when it comes to rentals, they move with you easily from place to place and can transform a home wherever you live. An area rug will cover up an ugly tiled floor and cushions will cover up aging sofas and chairs. Soft furnishings add character and colour and when it comes to these things and rentals, more is more.

Design trends change, and so do our tastes and each new flat allows us to experiment with different colour, texture and design. While we’d love to settle down and buy a place at some point. For now, it’s a renter’s life for us!

Wicklewood BLog: Why we love renting




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